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Smoking Models – Leslie and Her Marlboro Reds

Hello everyone and welcome back to another great photo shooting. This week smoking models has prepared yet another superb show that we’re sure you don’t want to miss, because once more we have some hot babes that are going to blow you mind. And for today we bring you this naughty red haired babe, Leslie, how’s willing to show you how much he enjoys smoking, which is actually one of her favorite activity! So all you, sit back and watch her awesome performance and how she simply feels every smoke she takes inside!smoking-models-lesley-smoking-marlboro-redsWhen the camera starts, here you will see Leslie, sitting on this big, beige chair, dressed in a beautiful black body, revealing her silky, chocolate skin, turned aside and crossing her legs. She will gently light up her cigar, and full of sensuality and passion, she starts smoking, and enjoying every puff from this strong, red Marlboro, while blowing smoke out, between her full, red, sensual lips. We all hope that you enjoyed her performance and that you had a great time watching this superb chocolate girl from smokingmodels and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with more new hot contents for you. Feel free to check out our other fetish sites, as strapon sex for example and have fun! That’s it for now and stay tuned! Bye everyone


Take a look at hot Leslie smoking her morning cigar!

Simone Smoking Topless

Hey guys! We’re so glad you could join us today, because today we another hot babe Simone, that you definitely shouldn’t miss her superb performance. So sit back and watch her savoring this cigar, topless! We promise you that once more it will be totally worth watching!

Once more, our hot blonde has thought about showing you how much she enjoys a good strong cigar. That’s actually her favorite activity ever, whatever she may do. So there she is, naked, exposing her beautiful boobs, offering you a great close up at her big, sexy tits. Here you will see her how she is sitting over by her make-up table. You’ll see her surrounded by all these make-up products, but you will see that the pack of cigar is not missing out from there. So she will light up her cigar, and starts enjoying it until the last puff. Thank you all for watching this show with us today, and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with fresh hot material with our hottest babe from smokingmodels. Until next time, you can watch some Cosplay Deviants galleries and watch some beauties playing naked!smoking-models-simone-smoking-topless

See this hot blonde enjoying her cigar topless!

Smoking Models – Ella Mai

Hey you guys and welcome back. Today we have a very sensual show, starring our naughty babe, Ella Mai. Once more we bring you the most hot and sexy babes from smoking models that we know you’re all dying to see them and watch their every move. So sit back and watch Ella blowing out this cigar! We promise you that you will be delighted once again with her performance.

When the camera starts to roll, you will see Ella, alone in this empty, dark room, lying on the bed. She’s wearing some black sexy lingerie and high heels, looking very erotic and giving you all a dirty look. She crosses her legs, revealing just a bit of her sexy back, but just enough to arouse you all. She simply can’t let a day pass without smoking and enjoying a cigar and rubbing her juicy pussy, and that’s exactly what she’s doing right now, relaxing and blowing out smoke, surrounded in a thick fog. That’s it for today, we hope you all had a great time watching this beautiful scene with this hot babe, Ella, and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with more hot updates from smokingmodels just for you. Until then, stay tuned! Bye all!smoking-models-ella-mai-smoking-in-lingerie

Watch here sexy Ella smoking her cigar in lingerie!

Strong Marlboro Reds

Hey guys and welcome back. For today we bring you a great and exciting scene with another super babe. She’s here to drive you insane and make you all excited. So what’s left to say is just that you all sit back and watch her how she smokes her strong cigars with sensuality and full of passion.

We all know that you’re dying to watch yet another great production with this superb girl, so here she is, offering you an intense and awesome view at her sexy figure, getting closer to the camera, so you can all see her hot new tattoos. She is wearing just a sexy lingerie, that it will drive you all wild. She’s surrounded with a thick fog of smoke, cause she’s been lying on the bed for the whole day, enjoying these strong Marlboro cigars, while giving you a dirty look, evil and sexy. Right now you’ll see her with the pack opened, taking on from there and lighting it up and starting to smoke, blowing it out through her delicate mouth and enjoying until the last puff. Thank you for watching this superb gallery. That’s it for today, but we’ll be back next week with more new awesome material! Until then, check out the site and see other beauties posing sexy!


See this inked babe smoking her cigar in her black bra!

Smoking Models – Danielle Sheehan

Hello guys and welcome to another great show starring this hot babe Danielle Sheehan. We know how much you enjoy watching her performing in front of the camera, so today she has a special treat for you. So sit back and watch Danielle enjoying her cigar.

When the camera starts, here you’ll see this superb naughty brunette, entering this big, empty, dark room, wearing a superb piece of lingerie. Her blue sexy bra will reveal her big, sexy tits, that you will drive you all crazy. She will soon grab her pack of cigars and she will light one up, starting to smoke with delight, while having her arms crossed as she’s squeezing her breasts. She enjoys the taste of this delicious taste and she feels great satisfaction when she takes it between her lips and blows out the smoke, enjoying it until the last puff. Thank you all for stepping in this lovely day and we’ll see you all next week with more new hot updates. Until next time, don’t forget that you can visit jb video blog and watch other gorgeous chicks stripping in front of the cam!


Watch sexy Danielle enjoying her long cigar in her bra!

Charley Smoking Corks

Hello everyone. We’re glad you could join us this awesome day, because here we have for you another great gallery with this hottie from smoking models. Here you’ll see her once more enjoying her cigar. So sit back everyone and enjoy the show. Once more we promise you that you will be pleased with every single part of this production.

So once again we have for you a hot babe which is here for you and to show you how much she enjoys a great cigarette and how she can turn you on with her moves, the way she holds her cigar, the way she lights it up, and how she blows smoke out. You’ll see that she gently gets the cigar close to her mouth and takes it between her red, delicious lips and she starts smoking with passion and hunger, and when she’s almost done, you’ll see that she will not pace herself, so then quickly she will light up the next one with what’s left from the previous one, so then finally you’ll see her completely satisfied, enjoying her red Marlboro until the last puff. Thank you all for watching the show, and remember that we’ll be back next week with more. So that’s it for today, don’t forget to stay tuned! If you liked this scene, check out the free monster tits pics and watch other beauties getting naked in front of the camera! Enjoy this amazing chick and check out the solo girls site if you wanna see other beautiful babes posing sexy for the camera!

Take a look at this hottie enjoying her red Marlboro!

Smoking Models – Charley

Hello all you out there and welcome once more to another great show with this superb babe. As always you know we’ll bring you only the hottest girls, and today there is no exception. So sit back and watch Charley enjoying her cigar! We promise that this is yet another great show, filled with sensuality and lots of eroticism.

From the first look she will give you, you will realize that this hot brunette is full of desire, lust and sexuality, just like hot Kelly Brooke. You’ll see her standing in the center of this dark empty room, topless, showing you her impressive, big, sexy breasts, that you can’t simply stop staring at. She enjoys smoking, that one of the most exciting pleasure of all for her, so there she is, lighting up yet another cigarette just few seconds  after she it’s done with the previous one. So in here you will see her smoking while exposing her superb breast, and blowing out smoke with immense passion and eagerness. Thank you all for watching this superb brunette in this great production and we’ll be back again next week with more, new awesome material. Until then, you can check out blog if you wanna watch some kinky ladies getting their holes fisted!


See Charley exposing her huge tits while smoking a cigar!

SmokingModels – Biker Chick

Hey guys and welcome! Here we have for you a special show that we’re sure you’re all going to be really excited to watch it. We know this is an image that is going to please you all immensely, so sit back and enjoy this wonderful production we bring you today from smokingmodels. Once more our hot babes will drive you all wild. She is crazy about getting naked for the cam, just like gorgeous Katie Banks, so check her out!

When the camera starts, you’ll see this babe, outdoors, surrounded by nature, have a great journey this lovely afternoon. All ready and ecstatic for this awesome trip with this great speed bike, she got dressed quickly with hump on her motorcycle. So after a long ride, she decided to stop for quite a while. So here she is, lighting up her cigarette and starts blowing smoke out, while she’s enjoying the taste of that cigar, with her perfect mouth, taking it between her red seductive lips. We’ll be back next week with more new hot material and of course will bring you the hottest babes from smoking models. So make sure you’ll be here to watch these superb girls and enjoy their awesome performance. Until then, check out feetjeans blog and watch other gorgeous chicks getting naked in front of the cam!


Watch this sexy biker chick enjoying her cigar outdoors!

Smoking and Reading Topless

Hey everyone and welcome back! We’re glad you got the chance to be here today for another great show brought to you by smoking models. Here we have another exciting show for you that we’re pleased to present you this lovely afternoon. So sit back and enjoy this babe’s naughty performance.

When the camera starts, we will surprise this lovely girl, by entering the room, with her knowing. She is down on the floor, sitting on this furry white carpet, reading a magazine, looking just like the sexy chicks from jbvideo website. She browses the paging, really interested on the subjects she’s reading, enjoying it from the cover till the end. Of course she didn’t forget her ashtray, which is sitting there, right next to her, just waiting to be filled with cigarettes butts. Soon she will light up her cigar, so you’ll see her taking it between her full lips, with the lighter in her hand, while she’s exposing her figure to the camera, topless, wearing just a pair of black panties, revealing to you her superb boobs and hot, wild tattoos. Hope that you all enjoyed this great show from smokingmodels and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with some more great new special contents just for you, so make sure you won’t miss it. Until next time, we say goodbye! If you want to see other beautiful chicks getting naked for the cam, join the lycra ass site!


Check out this topless babe lighting her cigar!

Smoking Models – Becky

Hey everyone and welcome to another superb show. Here we have for you another production starring our beautiful babe Becky. So get your sits and watch Becky enjoying yet another cigarette. Hope you’re all ready, because she will seduce you in an instant!

For this fine day, Becky is here to rock your world and show once more how much she loves smoking, just like the chicks from fartfantasy videos. When the camera starts, you’ll have Becky lying on the sofa, wearing a killer piece of black lingerie, very hot that will get you incredibly excited. Here you’ll see how she  shows off her superb figure, while having a taste of her cigar. She first lights it up and with delicate moves she will start smoking. You can actually see how pleasuring this moment is for her by the look in her eyes and watching with how much lust is smoking that cigar. then, you’ll see her blowing smoke rings, rolling her mouth and filling your mind with all kinds of dirty thought. Thank you all for joining us today for this special production. We hope you enjoyed it and we’re looking forward to seeing you next week. Until next time, don’t forget to stay tuned and visit the big pussy lips site if you wanna see other beauties posing sexy!smoking-models-becky-smoking-strong-marlboro

See this inked babe smoking in her sexy lingerie!

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