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Smoking Models – Leslie and Her Marlboro Reds

Hello everyone and welcome back to another great photo shooting. This week smoking models has prepared yet another superb show that we’re sure you don’t want to miss, because once more we have some hot babes that are going to blow you mind. And for today we bring you this naughty red haired babe, Leslie, how’s willing to show you how much he enjoys smoking, which is actually one of her favorite activity! So all you, sit back and watch her awesome performance and how she simply feels every smoke she takes inside!smoking-models-lesley-smoking-marlboro-redsWhen the camera starts, here you will see Leslie, sitting on this big, beige chair, dressed in a beautiful black body, revealing her silky, chocolate skin, turned aside and crossing her legs. She will gently light up her cigar, and full of sensuality and passion, she starts smoking, and enjoying every puff from this strong, red Marlboro, while blowing smoke out, between her full, red, sensual lips. We all hope that you enjoyed her performance and that you had a great time watching this superb chocolate girl from smokingmodels and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with more new hot contents for you. Feel free to check out our other fetish sites, as strapon sex for example and have fun! That’s it for now and stay tuned! Bye everyone


Take a look at hot Leslie smoking her morning cigar!